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Discover Flexible and Affordable Online Degrees at Huntington University

A quality education need not come at the cost of flexibility or affordability. Huntington University is shattering misconceptions about online learning through its diverse range of accredited and career-focused online programs. Learn how Huntington University can help you achieve your academic goals on your schedule and budget.

Huntington University has a long history of academic excellence rooted in Christian faith and values. Founded in 1897, this nonprofit liberal arts institution has been equipping students for lives of service through education developed within a caring, Christ-centered community.


In recent years, Huntington University has focused on expanding access and affordability through online degree programs. With self-paced learning and lower tuition costs, Huntington online caters to non-traditional students balancing work, family commitments and more. Their online programs deliver the same rigor and spiritual grounding as on-campus degrees.

Huntington online

Flexibility Through Asynchronous Online Learning

Huntington online programs utilize a flexible asynchronous course delivery model. This allows students to access pre-recorded video lectures, discussion forums and course materials 24/7 through Huntington’s learning management system (LMS).

The self-paced format accommodates diverse learning styles and schedules. Students can replay lectures, revisit challenging topics and complete assignments within weekly deadlines. Those facing circumstances requiring extended absence can pause and resume courses with ease.

Huntington also provides accommodations for students with disabilities to support online learning. Their user-friendly LMS enables a highly personalized learning path.

Significant Cost Savings with Huntington Online

On-campus courses entail costs like accommodation, transportation, supplies etc. Huntington’s online programs allow students to save significantly by eliminating these expenses. Online students enjoy lower tuition rates, translating to estimated lifetime savings of 40% or more.

Huntington offers over $2 million in yearly scholarships and financial aid to online learners, making education more affordable. Their participaton in the Yellow Ribbon Program also unlocks funding for eligible veterans.

Academic Rigor and Spiritual Growth

Huntington online programs are taught by the same distinguished teaching faculty as on-campus offerings. Courses deliver rigorous learning experiences that integrate Christian perspectives on ethics, service and individual growth.

Specific undergraduate degrees offered online include Criminal Justice, IT, Psychology and more. Graduate students can earn master’s degrees in areas like Business, Counseling and Education. Huntington also offers career-focused certificates online, including TESOL, Medical Billing and others.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Enhance Online Learning

Huntington optimizes online education through immersive technologies. Their robust LMS fosters student engagement via discussion forums, chat and collaborative spaces. Recorded lectures use interactive elements like polls and quizzes.

Students also get 24/7 access to Huntington’s online library system, with thousands of ebooks, journals and databases. Virtual conferences and office hours enable personalized faculty interaction.

Holistic Student Support Services

Huntington provides online learners with technical support, academic guidance, tutoring, career counseling and more. Although remote, students are part of a tight-knit community through online fellowship groups. Huntington’s chaplain also nurtures spiritual growth through virtual chapel services and one-on-one pastoral care.

Accreditation and Reputation

All Huntington online programs hold prestigious accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission. Huntington is ranked among the top online Christian colleges nationally, upholding rigorous academics rooted in faith. Positive reviews from alumni showcase career success across industries.

Admissions and Aid for Online Students

Huntington has a convenient online application system with rolling admissions and multiple start dates annually. They evaluate high school transcripts, test scores, essays and recommendations holistically.

Their financial aid advisors help online learners secure grants, loans and scholarships. Qualifying students also receive tuition discounts based on church affiliation or family alumni status.

Tips for Online Learning Success

Huntington online
Huntington helps online students thrive through:
  • Regular course participation and faculty interaction
  • Leveraging support services like tutoring, counseling
  • Joining study groups to stay motivated

With discipline and a proactive approach, Huntington’s flexible online platforms can adapt to diverse learning needs and empower student success.


Huntington University’s online degrees unlock the power of cutting-edge education and spiritual development. Their asynchronous course model grants flexibility without compromising academic excellence or holistic support. With lower tuition rates and financial aid opportunities, Huntington online makes valued faith-based education achievable for all.

Explore Huntington online programs to invest in your career skills and spiritual growth on your schedule and budget. Let their Christ-centered community guide you toward a life of meaning and service.

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